Graze box – My Thai

I usually avoid food subscription boxes. I don’t like a lot of processed junk, and I live near a legendary shop that gets my hook up on for gourmet goodies. I find most food boxes are horribly overpriced for what you get. But I make an exception for Graze. I am in an office with free candy and chips. How awful. Except that it is. I have no willpower. I find that a biweekly Graze box helps me out. If I have options, I can avoid the candy/chip room. I subscribe to the Graze Calorie Counter Box. This delivers me only snacks that are below 150 calories. I eat a small meal of around 250-300 calories every 3 hours, so it’s rare when I need a substantial snack. This is a perfect option for me. $6 gives me 4 individual servings in my mailbox every other week. Plus Graze gives you the option to rate snacks and prevent anything you don’t like from ever shipping. I hate raisins more than I should, so I spent a good chunk of time deselecting every snack with the evil little things in them. IDI1meX

Rather than review the entire box, I review the individual snacks. The box is so personalized that I rather just review snacks as I eat them. Today, I ate this gem: 8cB1cB2

The My Thai. It’s baked soy bites with a sweet chili dipping sauce. Clocks in at a whopping 80 calories. Came with 8 little soy bites (think tiny little rice cake like poppers) and a reservoir full of a thick sauce. The sauce is a nice mixture of sweet with a bit of heat. The ratio of sauce to soy bites was a little off, as I was left with a lot of sauce. I found it a tad bit sticky, which stopped me from putting a ton on a bite. Others may want to load these guys up.


Verdict: I’ve switched this one to a LOVE. It gave the sweetness I will crave, with the crunch of a chip. And it was such a small, managable amount that won’t amount to extra time on the treadmill. Look forward to more of these. If you subscribe to Graze, you my invite code: KATES23RB. You get the 1st and 5th box for free, and I get a buck. Profit.


Phone Case of the Month – May

Lately I’ve been obsessed with subscription boxes. The whole model is really silly when you think about it. Take a delivery mechanism that was the “phone it in” gift 25 years ago (Jelly of the Month club, anyone?), and have a hipster put some cool wrapping around it. Then fill it with items that are usually samples that you can get for free with well timed trips to certain stores, or signing up for a 5k and getting a goodie bag. But placing all rationale aside, I still love it! A little surprise comes in the mail.

I will occasionally review some of my finds. What I won’t do is try to rationalize that I got a lot for my money.

Let’s get started with Phone Case of the Month. Phone Case of the Month delivers a unique case to you on a monthly basis for $10. Currently they offer cases for iPhones and a couple of Samsung Galaxy models. Reading various reviews online, I find the designs to usually be a lot of fun. I beat the hell out of my phone as well as having the attention span of a toddler. So a new case every month is ideal for me.


My first month came with a welcome card and my goodies in a bag. I actually love the little sack. I will use it to protect an old iPhone that I use as an iPod in my car. I’m looking forward to getting future bags too, as they are good for protecting sunglasses!


Looks like my first case is #OwlWisdom. In addition to the case, I got a card with the same graphic and the hash tag that they encourage you to use. I also got a little sticker that says “haha….. YOUR APPLE IS SHOWING”. Pretty funny, as I know someone who will be really amused by this. I’m planning on sticking it on his Macbook when he isn’t looking.


The case itself is a low profile case. The image is woodgrain with an owl on it. Not a case I would have picked out for myself, but still something that appeals to me for a few days. I’d show a picture of it on my phone, but I use my phone to take the photos.

I look forward to future cases. If you want to sign up, use my referral link. We’ll both get $5!



Pinterest posts that are pissing me off

Starting this puppy off. Don’t expect me to win any graphic design awards here. Whatever I can get from my blog hoster that is free is what you’ll get.

Figured I’d start this off with the the things that I’ve seen on Pinterest lately that just piss me off. Full disclosure: I love Pinterest. I spend entirely too much time on it. But there are some things that I just keep seeing pinned over and over that rub me the wrong way.

Let the rant begin! I’ve repinned all of these to my board because it’s the subjects that are pissing me off, not the people who have pinned them.

1. Motivational nuggets like this:

Why is it that in the world of fitness, there is always a subset of people who only find inspiration by pointing out their perceived inferiority of other people? I personally find this famous Confucius quote when I’m struggling with working out – It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

I think 1 for today is enough. I’m in a fairly positive mood and don’t want to ruin it with hate for stupid pinterest posts.