BuluBox Weight Loss – May 2014

Bulu Box was one of the subscription boxes I’ve been most excited about trying. Every month, they send a collection of sample sizes for various vitamins, supplements, and other health products. This is perfect for me, because in an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle, I have spent so much money at GNC on supplements and other health products. I get frustrated when I’ve committed to 20 servings of a shake or a 90 day supply of a vitamin that just isn’t what I was expecting it to be. I hate the idea of paying for samples, but in this case, I think it will save me some money in the long run. So I signed up for a 6 month subscription for BuluBox – Weight Loss.



The box is immediately recognizable, full of fun and inspirational messages. I am eternally grateful that they didn’t print anything weight loss related on it. I’m very self conscious about this.



The box came well packed, with a handful of cards, and all the goods wrapped up in tissue paper.


Most of the cards are junk I will throw right away, but the overall explanation card of the products is always nice to have. On the flip side, it has a little journal where you can jot down your thoughts on each product. It’s a good reminder to make a review at the BuluBox website, where you can turn reviews into points and points into discounts on products.


First up are Beauty Bursts. Not what I’d associate with a weight loss themed box, but my nails can use all the strengthening they can get. The single sample isn’t enough to determine if it actually works, but it’ll be enough for me to decide if the taste is something I can live with everyday. A full size package goes for $22.49.


Simple Being Simple Diet. This is a weight loss pill that is caffeine free, which excites me. Other than an occasional cup of espresso after a nice meal out, I’m pretty much caffeine free. I find that so many weight loss pills have more caffeine than my body can handle, so they end up with really unpleasant side effects. The only problem with this is that 2 pills is enough to see if this gives me the shakes or not. It won’t be able to test if it is actually viable in assisting with weight loss. Hint: most of these weight loss pills that I have taken alongside a strict workout and a healthy diet have done precisely nothing. Full size 60 capsules goes for $19.99, which puts it on the lower end of the price range for these types of supplements.


Rootology is an herbal supplement that is supposed to provide allergy relief. I have may 2-3 allergy days a year. It’s so infrequent that I wouldn’t say that I have allergies, but I do keep a bottle of Zyrtec on hand. I’ll toss these in the drawer and hopefully remember to try them next time I’m sneezy. Full size runs for $14.99.


Smarty Pants Weight Management and Smarty Pants for Kids multivitamins. Hey, who doesn’t like gummies? Taking a multivitamin every morning is such a part of my routine that I never turned to the candy-ish alternatives, but I know people who don’t like swallowing giant pills who swear by them. Not familiar with this brand, so will give it a shot. I don’t have kids, but I’ll probably take these for myself, because why not… For the weight loss one, it’s 6 gummies = 1 serving. Woah. Not sure I will ever adjust to that, when popping a single pill while I’m scrambling up some egg whites is so much simpler. But we shall see if the taste is any good. Full size is $21.99 for the kids, $47.95 for the weight loss.


Naturade Vegan Smart Protein is an all in one shake. The nutritionals on this have me pretty excited. I’m not vegan and couldn’t care less that it is, but it is good to get an all in one shake that contains a good amount of protein without any artifical sweetners. Trust me, it is extremely hard to find something that is artificial sweetner free and below 200 calories. This clocks in at 160 calories while containing 20g of protein. I’m going to try it out for breakfast after my next weight lifting day on Tuesday. Full size is $34.99.


Mediterranean Snacks Tapaz 2 Go. If there was one thing that I wish wasn’t in my box, it is this. It says right on the front, good source of protein. I really wish health foods would stop taking something that has 3-4 grams of protein and start pumping it up as high in protein. I try to get in 150grams a day, in 1200-1300 calories. This just doesn’t fit my dietary goals. I love hummus, but I like to make it myself since it only takes 5 seconds and then I know it is fresh. I’ll probably toss this into T-Balls office snack pile.

Overall, my first BuluBox was a mixed bag. Got a couple of things that I’m pretty excited to try, and a few things that I’m not sure why they included. If you would like to try out BuluBox, my referral link will get you your first box for free!