Oddly Satisfying – May 19 2014

Isn’t it funny how the little things in life bring us some satisfaction? I’d like to to celebrate these little joys. What better way to start the week on a positive note?

This week, I’ve purged some toxins from my life, that while small, was oddly very satisfying!

  • Defriended the NFL on Facebook

I love sports. I can write entire entries on why sports are so important in my life but I won’t. You just need to know that football is one of my favorite hobbies. I can obsess about it year round. And one of the things that makes football so fun for me is the back and forth, good natured ribbing with fans from other teams. But the comments on every post that the NFL posts are mind boggingly ridiculous. The lowest common denominator in this country is pretty low. I just get so frustrated reading these. It’s bad enough that people cannot make a structured argument anymore to defend their point. It’s also horrible that the average facebook user feels the need to use insults like “gay” and “retard” to argue about football. But what really does it for me is that the people who post on the NFL stories aren’t even literate. Facebook will never be a mecca of intellect, but this is pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Reducing the stupidity in my life is oddly satisfying.

  • Cleaning up my Nexercise friends list

Do you Nexercise? It’s a pretty fun little app. You turn it on while you are doing an activity. It can be something you’d associate with exercise, such as jogging. But it has many categories that we don’t even think about, like playing with the pets or performing yardwork. It has a great community and rewards you can earn while being active. All in all, it’s a different way for me to feel benefits after taking care of myself. But after looking at the random people I’ve friended on the app, there are a handful that like to cheat. There is a list of how you rank compared to your friends. The longer the activities and the more variety equals more points. More points = ? I’m not sure…. it was never about that for me. But apparently, some people like to use the app to rank up as many points as possible to convert them into the M Points¬†program. Every time I entered in some exercise, I’d see something that would always take me by surprise. I had a Nexercise “friend” yesterday who spent 6.5 hours biking, then 8 hours playing with his dog, then 12 hours with yardwork. Hey, pretty impressive. He managed to figure out a way to be active for over 24 hours in a single day. For his hard efforts, I’m sure he was awarded with 20 or so M Points (where you need 25,000 to even get a $10 gift card somewhere). In the grand scheme of things, who cares if people do this. They are really only lying to themselves about their progress and it doesn’t impact me at all. But removing the cheaters who don’t follow the same goals as me was oddly satisfying.

What was oddly satisfying for you this week? Does removing negative elements from your life provide you as much satisfaction as it does for me?


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