Graze box – Garden of England

I usually avoid food subscription boxes. I don’t like a lot of processed junk, and I live near a legendary shop that gets my hook up on for gourmet goodies. I find most food boxes are horribly overpriced for what you get. But I make an exception for Graze. I am in an office with free candy and chips. How awful. Except that it is. I have no willpower. I find that a biweekly Graze box helps me out. If I have options, I can avoid the candy/chip room. I subscribe to the Graze Calorie Counter Box. This delivers me only snacks that are below 150 calories. I eat a small meal of around 250-300 calories every 3 hours, so it’s rare when I need a substantial snack. This is a perfect option for me. $6 gives me 4 individual servings in my mailbox every other week. Plus Graze gives you the option to rate snacks and prevent anything you don’t like from ever shipping. I hate raisins more than I should, so I spent a good chunk of time deselecting every snack with the evil little things in them.


Rather than review the entire box, I review the individual snacks. The box is so personalized that I rather just review snacks as I eat them. The latest I tried from my stash of Graze snacks is The Garden of England:


I was pretty excited for this one. Coming in at only 70 calories and containing only dried apples, strawberries, and black currants, it meets my desire for a low calorie, unprocessed snack. I have to be careful with dried fruit, especially apples, because they are like potato chips for me. I can’t eat just one. So I was very grateful for Graze’s portioning on this one.


Verdict: I didn’t love it. That’s the problem with high expectations. Things rarely meet them. The apples were great. I’m not the biggest black currant fan, but these didn’t have a ton of flavor. And the strawberries were a little odd. I’m not sure if you can tell by the picture above, but they were really dark, the same color as the currants. The taste was what I expected, but the texture was different. It reminded me of a gumdrop.  I like dried fruit to be chewy, but not as bad as this. I’m willing to try it again, however, and because I think it has potential, I will be marking it as “Like”. We’ll see how often Graze goes to the “Like” pile. If you subscribe to Graze, you my invite code: KATES23RB. You get the 1st and 5th box for free, and I get a buck. Profit.


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