Phone Case of the Month – May

Lately I’ve been obsessed with subscription boxes. The whole model is really silly when you think about it. Take a delivery mechanism that was the “phone it in” gift 25 years ago (Jelly of the Month club, anyone?), and have a hipster put some cool wrapping around it. Then fill it with items that are usually samples that you can get for free with well timed trips to certain stores, or signing up for a 5k and getting a goodie bag. But placing all rationale aside, I still love it! A little surprise comes in the mail.

I will occasionally review some of my finds. What I won’t do is try to rationalize that I got a lot for my money.

Let’s get started with Phone Case of the Month. Phone Case of the Month delivers a unique case to you on a monthly basis for $10. Currently they offer cases for iPhones and a couple of Samsung Galaxy models. Reading various reviews online, I find the designs to usually be a lot of fun. I beat the hell out of my phone as well as having the attention span of a toddler. So a new case every month is ideal for me.


My first month came with a welcome card and my goodies in a bag. I actually love the little sack. I will use it to protect an old iPhone that I use as an iPod in my car. I’m looking forward to getting future bags too, as they are good for protecting sunglasses!


Looks like my first case is #OwlWisdom. In addition to the case, I got a card with the same graphic and the hash tag that they encourage you to use. I also got a little sticker that says “haha….. YOUR APPLE IS SHOWING”. Pretty funny, as I know someone who will be really amused by this. I’m planning on sticking it on his Macbook when he isn’t looking.


The case itself is a low profile case. The image is woodgrain with an owl on it. Not a case I would have picked out for myself, but still something that appeals to me for a few days. I’d show a picture of it on my phone, but I use my phone to take the photos.

I look forward to future cases. If you want to sign up, use my referral link. We’ll both get $5!




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