Pinterest posts that are pissing me off

Starting this puppy off. Don’t expect me to win any graphic design awards here. Whatever I can get from my blog hoster that is free is what you’ll get.

Figured I’d start this off with the the things that I’ve seen on Pinterest lately that just piss me off. Full disclosure: I love Pinterest. I spend entirely too much time on it. But there are some things that I just keep seeing pinned over and over that rub me the wrong way.

Let the rant begin! I’ve repinned all of these to my board because it’s the subjects that are pissing me off, not the people who have pinned them.

1. Motivational nuggets like this:

Why is it that in the world of fitness, there is always a subset of people who only find inspiration by pointing out their perceived inferiority of other people? I personally find this famous Confucius quote when I’m struggling with working out – It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

I think 1 for today is enough. I’m in a fairly positive mood and don’t want to ruin it with hate for stupid pinterest posts.



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